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Restorative & Cosmetic Services Offered at Mahoney

We offer more than just your average dental care at Mahoney Family Dentistry. Our team is also well-versed in restorative and cosmetic services. Most other offices will have to refer you to another dentist to get all of your necessary services completed. We became a one-stop shop for all services to better assist South Bend with getting their best smile quickly.

Whitening for Life Program at Mahoney Family Dentistry

Our Whitening for Life program at Mahoney Family Dentistry is here to help you keep you and your family’s smile looking excellent all your life. Once you purchase a custom-designed whitening tray and maintain your regularly scheduled hygiene visits, you are eligible for free refills of whitening products. We believe in providing lifelong assistance with you and your families smile and to make that more accessible we are offering these free refills once your teeth need a treatment.

Residents of South Bend Can Smile Again with Crowns & Veneers

Dental crowns get used when your teeth have experienced chipping, discoloration, significant cracks, advanced wear, or are an irregular shape. Crowns help give your teeth a better appearance and will get you back to a healthier smile. Dental crowns are required after treatment on posterior teeth (back teeth), in order to restore the function and stability of the previously infected tooth. Veneers can also help with this, but they are primarily used on your anterior (front) teeth. Veneers are custom-made porcelain or composite resin skin that can change the shape, size, and color of a tooth — both these options set on top of existing teeth or fragments to create a natural-looking smile.

Root Canal Therapy & Fillings at Mahoney Family Dentistry

Root canal therapy treats teeth that have an internal infection or abscess. Moreover, this treatment removes the infected pulp while also disinfecting, filling, and sealing the tooth from future disease. Before and after treatment, the Mahoney dentist will use an x-ray to accurately find the infected area and ensure that it becomes sealed from further infection. Dental fillings restore teeth that are damaged by decay. The decay gets removed from the damaged teeth, and then a composite resin or amalgam filling material is used to replace the affected areas and rebuild the size, shape, and function of the teeth. Additionally, our office offers both composite resin (tooth colored) and amalgam (silver) options to our patients.

Bridges & Implants from Mahoney Family Dentistry

If you are missing your teeth due to an accident or unnatural deterioration, it can be embarrassing and unhealthy to have those gaps within your jawline. We have the option to help fill in your smile with implants for one or many teeth, or you can choose a bridge to help with those gaps. We will help you decide which option is best for you and your smile. Either option help bring back your natural-looking smile to South Bend and beyond.

Schedule Your Free Consultation with Mahoney Family Dentistry Today!

Our experienced doctors can create a treatment plan and utilize these restorative and cosmetic services to imitate the look and feel of their natural teeth. It all starts with calling us or coming in to schedule your free consultation with the team at Mahoney Family Dentistry in South Bend, Indiana. Our team is ready to assist you and your family get the smiles you deserve.