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Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

When both tooth and root are damaged, the best permanent solution is a dental implant and ceramic crown. This option both looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Course of Treatment
The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. We will work with you to determine the course that is just right for you.

  1. Before the procedure
    We will do a thorough examination and take one or more x-rays to evaluate what treatment solution will be right for you.
  2. Installing the implant
    Once the post is placed, we will provide you with a temporary tooth that will allow you to eat and function like normal. The implant will need a few months to integrate into the jaw bone before the next step can be taken.
  3. Attaching the crown
    The final step is the placement of the permanent ceramic tooth. Once the crown is placed, the implant process is complete!

You can expect your dental implant and crown to look and function just like a normal tooth. You should continue to maintain good dental hygiene to keep the tooth and surrounding gum clean and healthy.