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March 8, 2018
Tooth Crown

Never Too Early: Pediatric Dental Appointments during Infancy

At what age should parents take their children to the dentist for the first time? This is a question our team at Mahoney Family Dentistry encounters […]
February 23, 2018
an elderly woman's teeth

Are Your Teeth Making You Look Older? Here’s How Our Dentists Can Help You

You may not notice it, but your teeth can give away your age or, sometimes, make you even look older. That doesn’t sound too bad. But, […]
February 7, 2018
Woman sleeping

Before Turning in: Why It’s Necessary to Remove Your Dentures Before Sleeping

Dentures are an excellent alternative for individuals with missing teeth. They help give people a beautiful smile and make it easier for them to eat and […]
January 7, 2018
a kid getting a dental check-up

“Healthy” Snacks are Not Always Healthy for the Child’s Teeth

Whether it’s swapping fruit for potato chips or giving the kids granola bars, parents often try endless dietary changes to improve their children’s health. It’s an […]