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Stress Made Demi Moore’s Teeth Fall Off — Will the Same Happen to You?

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Stress Made Demi Moore’s Teeth Fall Off — Will the Same Happen to You?

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Too much stress is bad for your physical and mental health. The condition is enough to make your skin dry, put you in a bad mood and—lose your teeth?

In an interview in “The Tonight Show,” actress Demi Moore confirms it can.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the 54-year old actress revealed the full extent of stress’s effect on the body. In her case, chronic stress affected her oral health. Prior to her interview, Moore sheared off her front teeth because she lost two of her front teeth.

But thanks to her dentist, the actress had a full smile in time for her appearance in the popular late night talk show.

The actress’s case raises concern. Can stress send you to a local practice in South Bend Indiana for dentures?

The Truth

Do not panic just yet. Chronic stress will not instantly make your teeth fall out; there’s a science behind it.

When you experience high levels of stress, the body performs numerous coping mechanisms; this includes teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is one of the signs you are under stress. The condition puts excess pressure on the jaw muscles and wears down oral structures, resulting in cases of missing teeth.

Colgate reported of a study from the American Dental Association where researchers surveyed 69 people—48 of them suffered from bruxism. The participants (aged 20 to 40 years old) had partners who reported of their bruxism symptoms prior to the study. Researchers also measured their symptoms over a span of five days with special thin plates in their mouths.

The study concluded that participants under stress experienced higher bruxism activity.

The Solution

So what can you do to prevent an experience like Demi Moore’s?

Regular trips to your dentist ensure you are ahead of any oral problem. We can provide the appropriate preventive care to maintain your dental health.

Your part in prevention is simple: manage the stress. While you cannot completely eliminate it, you can follow certain habits that control the effects of emotional and physical strain.

Do not let stress get the best of you. Keep your beautiful smile, and get ahead of any dental problems by seeing our dentists.

Call us today.

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