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Tooth Myths That May Be Hurting Your Smile

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Tooth Myths That May Be Hurting Your Smile

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Studies have shown that teeth are often indicators of one’s overall health. Hence, it is important to know how to take proper care of your pearly whites. Our dentists have pooled their knowledge to debunk a few myths surrounding dental care that may negatively affect your health.

Sugar equals tooth decay

It’s a myth befitting its origin of scaring kids into eating less candy. While sugar does contribute to cavities – not to mention other sugar-related illnesses – it is not solely responsible for decaying teeth.

Bacterial acids are the primary cause of ruined teeth, in turn, caused by carbohydrate digestion. Sugar is only one carb culprit; others include veggies and fruits. Digesting carbohydrates, combined with saliva develop acid in the mouth, causing plaque to form.

Teeth whiteners cause enamel damage

This myth is attributed mainly to the components that remove tooth stains: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Most whitening products for home-use like white strips and trays usually have 3 -10% of these ingredients. They’re completely safe, as long as they’re used in moderation.

Then again, the safest, most reliable whitening methods are dental clinic procedures supervised by a dental hygienist. Numerous over-the-counter whitening solutions do pose some enamel dangers, as they can be too acidic or too strong. South Bend Family Dental clinics offer cosmetic dentistry that includes safe and effective whitening procedures.

Silver fillings are good forever

Many patients are not aware of that silver fillings consist of 52% mercury. Studies have also found that over time, mercury ‘trickles’ from fillings especially when chewing and ingesting hot drinks. Mercury is a neurotoxin that poisons the central and peripheral nervous systems.

No amount of mercury in the body is ever a good thing, and worn down fillings should be replaced at a trusted dental clinic.

It’s always the patient’s responsibility to consult dental professionals regarding any supposed ‘methods’ that improve dental health. Dentists will always offer the best advice and appropriate procedures for proper dental care.

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